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Oh, Pokemon fandom...

So I've just discovered a new OTP: Lance/Silver. I honestly didn't expect to like it, we don't even SEE their important talk in the games and I've always had kinda a love-hate relationship with Silver anyway, I never thought I'd actually ship him with anyone much less find an OTP for him. IT has a pretty small following but I'm okay with this, because a lot of it's awesome and actually tries to keep Silver in-character. THAT can be tough.

But even ships with only a small following have their bad spots. Folks, is it too much to ask that Clair not be turned into your personal Ron the Death Eater? Yes, Lance is very important to her. No, she and Silver probably wouldn't get along too well given their personalities being uncomfortably similar. But she is NOT going to hurt Silver or try to break him and Lance up for the evulz or so she can make out with him. Adoring her cousin =/= wanting to fuck his brains out. I swear, it's like the Priscilla haters in FE7 fandom all over again...well, to be fair Priscilla DID have those feelings for Raven but still.

tl;dr Clair may be difficult and a tsundere but that doesn't make her an evil bitch, so stop using that as a plot device in your fics, Mastershippers.

(And even if Clair apparently does have a crush on Lance in Special, that's still no excuse.)

((This isn't something I've acutally SEEN, but someone on DA mentioned Clair being portrayed like this in fanfiction a lot. So Lyssie refers to some random Pokemon shipping forums where this actually happens.))
Tags: are you going to shut up?, bite me, blah blah blah, but stop it, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?, but why is the rum gone, can't take this crap, complain, cranky pants, death to the plebs, grrrr rage, listen up u hores, pokemon, shocked and appalled, where is your god now, whine bitch moan
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