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Ship Wars

Where you are always right.

Ship Wars - OTP OMG!!!!
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This is the place to prove that YOUR OTP, OT3, or whatever is THE ONE. Because you know you're right. Leik, of course you are, how can you not be and zomg remember that some people have leik... mental problemz and stuff okay? So don't flame, unless you're stupid.

Take non-pairing fandom discussion to fandomwar where else would it go?

Don't u leik totally adore our banners and pretties? Cause you should. Cause they rule.

shipwar is OMG MY OTP KICKS UR OTPS AS!1 love.


The Real Stuff

Shipwar is a retrospectively silly LJ Community where we make fun of those that take fandom a wee bit too seriously. If you've made a public ass of yourself, we may just find it funny. Typically, we don't metawank, we just pretendawank…or…pseudowank… or something to that effect, I haven't quite figured it out.

We're just here to have fun, make a sock puppet. Wanna be a BNF? Your sock could get its start here! Imagine the possibilities! When you move onto another fandom because you're a wanky jerk kill yourself then you'll already have the practice of making a good sock. This is an art form, I'm told you'll already have those who love and agree with you.

Heaven help you if you take this serious. We won't notice, we don't take anything seriously, aside from Sonic The Hedgehog. Hedgehogs are Seriuz Buziness.

The Only Real Rule

1) All not safe for work (NSFW) posts and Spoiler posts need to be under an LJ-Cut

<*lj-cut text="ZOMGHOR"*> Your post <*/lj-cut*> (remove the asterisks)