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Rekka no Ken fandom yet again

As if the Hector/Eliwood and Eliwood/Lyn fanbrats weren't bad enough, I'm seeing far too many Eliwood/Fiora supporters lately. Too many fans are all too content to ignore canon in favor of their own twisted yaoi fantasies or incompatible het pairings, and I'm sick of it. So I made this in response to those ignorant fans.

EliwoodxNinian is c-a-n-o-n. Do you understand?
Tags: anti-ship, are you going to shut up?, are you stupid?, attention whore, better than you, big poopy heads, but stop it, but what are your thoughts on yaoi?, can't take this crap, complain, controversy, cranky pants, cry me a river, crying at night, crying in my pillow, fire emblem, how about this?, i hate all, i return like firy thing from the ashes, im rite ur rong, logic has no place here, otp, plea for shinies, shocked and appalled, teh gehi made me do it, true love, ur going 2 hell 4 dat, well who pissed in your cheerios?, what do you want little girl, what huh? i don't speak stupid, whine bitch moan, yaoi is teh evol
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