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lately everyones arguing over Lyn/Kent vs Kent/Fiora liek they're teh only two Kent pairings. WHAT ABOUT KENT/FARINA?!?! WHY DOES EVERYONE FORGET THEY SUPPORT AND HAVE AN ENDING?!

Kent/Farina is awesome cause they're totally opposites but they try to get along anyway and Farina even says she likes Kent at the end cause he's so nice even though his type makes her all uncomfortable. XD KENT/FIORA IS BORING, THEY'RE EXACTLY THE SAME AND THE SUPPORTS ARE BORING, Fiora belongs with SAIN!! And Lyn/Hector is the bestest Lyn ship so Lyn/Kent's no good either. FARINA IS THE PERFECT GIRL FOR KENT!!!

I'm just tired of ppl forgetting all about my poor little ship ;_;
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